Oil & Gas

For your onshore and offshore well construction business, we provide a wide range of state-of-the-art products and solutions, with consistent quality and available worldwide: API certified Lafarge well cements, exclusive services (delivery and laboratory testing) and cement, concrete and aggregates solutions. Your benefits? Secure well drilling, optimized costs and time gains on your worksites.


Lafarge solutions for Oil & Gas professionals

Do you have specific needs for your drilling projects?

Do you have specific needs for your drilling projects?


Your needs

At Lafarge, we know what is critical for our Oil & Gas customers, both locally and globally:

  • Ensuring state-of-the-art quality and innovation,
  • Time gains
  • And best costs.


When it comes to Oil & Gas Well Cement, you expect from a solution provider like us:

  • Consistency in well cement quality and supply;
  • Supply chain execution for timeliness and availability of well cement around the globe;
  • Innovation, with new cement product development to address rapidly evolving drilling conditions.


Do you have specific needs for oil & gas well cement? Email us at wellcement@lafarge.com


Our oil & gas well cement solutions

What makes us different

  • Large network of API certified products and plants.
  • Optimized logistics and 24/7 shipping.
  • Our far-reaching expertise in cement.
  • Our global reach.
  • Full product testing services.
  • Our state-of-the-art building materials Research facility.
  • Over 1Mt of Oil & Gas products manufactured and delivered every year.
  • Full range of construction/infrastructure solutions.

We offer a wide portfolio of solutions for secure and environmentally-compliant Well Construction activities, in each sector:

  • Onshore;
  • Offshore;
  • Shale gas/oil applications.


Most of our Lafarge well cement solutions are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API). They go through a rigorous process to ensure quality and consistency to offer you the right performance for your application:

  • High sulfate resistance;
  • Adjustable density;
  • Mechanical resistance;
  • Predictable setting and pumping time;
  • Water tightness.

Our well cement products

  • Portland cement for construction and surface casing. 
  • API Class A cement for well cementing where temperature and pressure are not excessive.
  • API Class G cement for well cementing where higher pressures are experienced.
  • API Class H cement for well cementing and high temperature and high pressure applications.

Our services

  • Delivered model: we can deliver to your worksite all around the globe via truck, rail, ship, barge, both in bulk or bags.
  • Laboratory testing: we support your operations thanks to our network of well cement laboratories in the USA, Spain, Egypt and Brazil.
  • Product development: the technical knowledge of our research team dedicated to oil & gas will provide you with the latest innovative solutions.

Lafarge Integrated Solutions

We also have a large portfolio of solutions for your construction projects (well pads, access roads, buildings, facilities and infrastructure projects):

  • non-API cements,
  • concrete,
  • aggregates
  • and cementitious materials (fly ash, slag, etc).

Our oil & gas well cement capacities

Lafarge operates the largest network of API licensed plants with 11, established in 8 countries. We can supply all your Oil & Gas Well Drilling and Construction projects across the world.