Extensia™, High Strength - Low Shrinkage concrete

Specially designed for interior floors subject to heavy vehicle traffic and high mechanical loads (car parks, industrial facilities), our concrete Extensia™ allows you to make long-lasting slabs highly resistant to wear and impact. And thanks to its formulation, buildings can be put into service quickly.


Extensia® was developed for interior commercial and industrial floors subject to heavy traffic and storage loads. It is a concrete with excellent flexural, durability, and shrinkage performance. Depending on the environment and on the work requirements, it enables builders and designers to install floors with new potential for design in terms of joint spacing, reinforcement, and thickness. This creates benefits such as reduced delays, shortened time to service, and reduced cost of construction.


Extensia™ is a range of concretes that enhances the performance depending on needs, such as:

  • Surface Performance for slabs requiring high levels of durability against wear resistance and impact with no surface hardener required.
  • Rapid Access permitting early loading of the floor, helping to shorten the time to market for new or refurbished buildings.
  • Early Drying permitting the application of resin or tile toppings earlier, enabling the slab to be used more rapidly.


Extensia™ also offers advantages with respect to sustainable development such as the possibility to design slabs with reduced steel reinforcement, reduced volume of concrete and less energy consumption during the pour. Excellent surface durability also limits future maintenance and, in some cases, the need for a protective top coat.