Ductal®, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)

Discover Ductal®, our UHPC with unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and strength! Its performances allow a wide range of applications, from the most demanding structural ones (bridges, walkways, stairs, roofs), to the most creative (design), through the most iconic architectural works (walls, latticework). With Ductal®, cities can’t go unnoticed anymore!


Ductal® concrete is:

  • ultra-high performance: its strength is 6 to 8 times greater than that of conventional concrete,
  • fiber-reinforced: it contains metal fibers that make it ductile. With a structural strength 10 times higher than traditional concretes, it can resist bending and can withstand major transformations (such as pressure or dilation) without breaking,
  • resistant to external aggressions such as abrasion, pollution, weathering and scratching. Its longevity is 2 to 3 times longer than that of conventional concrete.