Corporate governance


Governing bodies

The Board of Directors of Lafarge has 18 members, of whom 10 are independent directors and two represent employees. The Board of Directors relies on Specialized Committees to examine questions relating to the Group's operations.

The Executive Committee implements the policies defined by the Board of Directors.

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Transparency and efficiency

A majority of the members of the Board of Directors, the Corporate governance and the Nominations Committee, the Remunerations Committee and the Audit Committee are independent. The Chairmen of the 3 committees are also independent.

In 2012, the Board's internal regulations evolved to strengthen the role of Vice Chairman. The latter, whose function was created in 2007, is to be chosen from amongst the independent directors.

The Group has established a Code of Business Conduct and a system for annual internal evaluation.

Its goals:

  • to evaluate the operations and efficiency of the Board of Directors,
  • to improve the way it functions.