Chronolia®, boosting construction sites

To save time and improve the productivity of your worksites, our concrete Chronolia® is your best ally. It quickly develops high mechanical resistance and formworks can be removed 3-5 times faster than standard concrete, resulting in twice as many daily cycles. Perfect to build faster and stronger and thus support the growth of cities!


Chronolia® represents a major technological advance for the building sector. Resulting from extremely advanced research in nanotechnologies, it develops extremely high mechanical resistance soon after pouring. Its formwork can be removed 4 hours after its plant manufacturing compared to 12 to 20 hours for traditional concrete.


Consequently, the number of daily cycles of form setting and stripping can be doubled, resulting in considerable time savings and productivity gains on the worksite, while offering the same flexibility of use as a conventional ready-mix concrete!


Chronolia® now comes in a range of products adapted to any worksite need, depending on the required deadlines.