Our Cement Products

A world leader in cement, Lafarge has designed a diversified product range intended for construction professionals.


A rich and varied range

Lafarge cements are designed to respond to the requirements of all of the Group's customers. Its broad range of products is suitable for industrial players, individual customers and architects:

  • Portland cements: high-quality basic building materials that are both efficient and versatile.
  • Cements for different types of environments: products suitable for exposure to sea water, sulfates and other aggressive environments.
  • Special cements for specific applications: including white cements for architectural projects, cements for well drilling operations, cements containing silica fume or fly ash, pozzolan cements, and cements for road surfacing that incorporate slag and hydraulic binders.
  • Cements for masonry and mortars for concrete blocks, tiles, rendering, stucco, etc.


These different cements can all be used to produce concretes with a variety of characteristics and properties.


Innovative Cement Solutions


Solutions for construction ebook

Discover our Innovative solutions for construction ebook! It gathers innovative completed projects, an overview of our building systems and a product description.

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