Agilia®: the self-placing, self-leveling concrete

Imagine concrete that flows and spreads effortlessly, that reduces nuisances related to worksites and saves you time every day. This solution is Agilia®, our range of self-placing and self-leveling concretes. Very fluid, they require no vibration! In addition, they are suitable for a great variety of applications: architectural projects, foundations, facades... Building cities has never seemed so easy!


Launched on the French market in 2000, Agilia® is a self-placing, self-leveling concrete.


Highly fluid, this concrete flows and spreads effortlessly. It can be poured quickly and provides an exceptional, highly esthetic finish. Agilia® considerably improves conditions on building sites:

  • thanks to its fluidity, it eliminates the tedious chore of vibration. This improves on-site conditions for workers, as well as worksite quality.
  • it reduces worksite noise, a source of irritation both for workers and for nearby residents.


Today, Lafarge is the only global producer able to manufacture, in all locations and with guaranteed, consistent quality, a range of self-placing concretes adapted to all applications:

  • Agilia® Architectural,
  • Agilia® Foundations,
  • Agilia® Horizontal,
  • Agilia® Vertical,
  • etc.